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Located in Macomb County, Michigan, Independent Craft Brew Roaster; DEER CAMP® Coffee Roasting Company, is a women owned business and Independent craft roasting and manufacturing facility, Cafe, and a retail location.     

DEER CAMP® Coffee offers specialty and premium coffee, teas, chicory blends with hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in mind.  All green and roasted coffee blend(s) are proprietary and field tested for enjoyment.  Yes, we prefer our coffees hot too!  


Tired of coffee bring death to your stomach?   Craft Brews are designed with low acidity so drinkers don't have to leave the woods. 


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DEER CAMP® Coffee partnered with Jordan Outdoors licensee of REALTREE®, the world’s #1 camouflage brand, to compliment the DEER CAMP® line of products by featuring camouflage patterns on each package as well other licensed products appealing to archery, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, electric bike riders, outdoor enthusiasts, coffee enthusiasts, RealTree® fans, RV’ers, campers, cabin owners and of course individuals who enjoy beverages, especially coffee. Look for additional releases featuring camouflage patterns on packaging.  

 Cold Brew - Home Brew A Batch Today! 


DEER CAMP® Coffee line of products are available at Walmart, Amazon, ecommerce websites, independent retailers, grocery chains,  distributors, consumer and industry tradeshows, and catalogs companies nationwide.  If your in Metro Detroit, Michigan, you can also visit the DEER CAMP® Coffee café and retail store location to pick up your favorite blends, including green beans to roast, coffees special and limited releases, gift for him and her, DEER CAMP® Coffee ice cream and sample our hot and cold beverages, Cold Brews, venison hot dogs, jerky and snacks for your camp! .




If your a retailer or interested in the distribution of DEER CAMP® Coffee line of products, we welcome you to contact us.    

We specialize in java, using 100% Arabica beans and Arabica coffee blends.  Our ingredients can be used in BBQ seasonings, ice cream,  jerky, cold brew, energy drinks, Arabica coffee, coffee based beverages, and other coffee flavored or based products including RTD (Ready to drink) categories.  All simply yummy combinations consumers can enjoy.  Licensing is available. Contact us today.


A mark of freshness and quality in each batch! 

DEER CAMP® is a registered trademark of Buck Baits, LLC in the United States. 

DEER CAMP® Coffee can be licensed to independent and specialty Craft Brew Coffee Roasters offering unique co-branding offerings. This also includes licensing of coffee based and other related products such as mugs, glassware, tumblers, beverage can insulated sleeves, can coolers, just to name a few. 

Check back often as we have new products always under development.