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Fall is upon us. Finally. The cold, crisp air brings in a new season and with it, a new way of doing things. If you’re anything like us, you’re an established vet at seamlessly transitioning from board shorts and dips in the pool to layering up with sweaters and watching the leaves turn from bright green to hues of amber reds, oranges, and at some point, brown. Fall gives us the World Series, a countdown to the holidays as well as a chance to reminisce about the year that has fallen behind us and all that remains in the months to come. The combination of temperature change, anticipation and spending time with family and friends makes this our favorite time of year.

It’s that combination that gave us the inspiration to create Deer Camp Coffee. While most of us are avid hunters and enjoy the great outdoors, we also cherish those moments when a well-made cup of coffee can put you in the right place. Sometimes you’re always on the go, or you might be looking for a slower pace during others. Whether you are enjoying a cup of coffee alone with your thoughts or amongst many friends and family, we created Deer Camp Coffee for you.

At Deer Camp Coffee, we don’t see coffee as a disposable brown liquid in a cup. We see it as an incredibly tasty way to get you where you want to go. We see coffee as a unique opportunity to connect or disconnect. To speed up or slow down. As you have experienced life, the good and the bad, think about how many times a cup of coffee was within arms reach. We’ve found that quite often, moments both miraculous and mundane have regularly had coffee as a loyal companion.

There are numerous coffee options on the market today, all competing for your hard earned dollars. As avid coffee drinkers, we felt that something was missing in the market. No brand seemed like it was an extension of who we were and what we enjoyed about drinking coffee. So, we proudly present Deer Camp Coffee, a 100% Arabica and a proprietary blend of Central American and Indonesian coffee beans, medium roasted to perfection. Our coffee is packaged in twelve-ounce bags and ground for easy enjoyment. We also offer a Swiss water decaffeinated coffee as well.

So as the season changes and you get ready to plan for the holidays, gear up for another hunting season (check out our friends at Buck Baits to help with that) or prepare to wind it down for the year, we believe that a cup of Deer Camp Coffee will be there with you for every step of your journey. As we grow, we hope you will grow with us as well. Come back and visit us regularly for product updates and the latest insights and random musings. We also want to hear from you, so please connect with us on our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep the conversation going.


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