DEER CAMP® are registered trademark of Buck Baits, LLC All Rights Reserved. 

There are so many ways to use our trademarks.   From co-branding opportunities on packages to business creating their own brand of products that may include consumer products; to business naming their entire business and theme in brick n motor locations DEER CAMP®. 

Licensing opportunities are available.  

Product Licensing 

UNCLE HENRY GOURMET MEATS  (USDA Processor) Troy, Michigan - Jerky, Meat Sticks, Hot Dogs, Venison Hot Dogs and Venison Polish Sausage 

TENNERRA WINERY (Wine Manufacturer) Sterling Heights, Michigan  - Full line of DEER CAMP®  wines. 

The following business utilize our trademarks for their business. Each location or food truck is owned and operated by independent business owners..  From Veterans to diversity women owned business they all share the passion of the outdoors and a vision of what is best suited for their communities for which they operate.  Each locations has their own niche and vendors, ect.  If you see a national product available and featured it is because they purchased like our other retail vendors.   

Each business who has licensed embodies the spirit of Deer Camp, offering a welcoming atmosphere where adventurers can gather, relax, and enjoy quality products inspired by nature. From cozy cafes to bustling ice cream shops, these licensed registered trademark locations are hubs of community and camaraderie, serving up our crafted coffees and providing a taste of the wilderness wherever you go.

DEER CAMP® MIO, Michigan   (Coffee Roaster | Retail | Cafe) BNR Ventures, LLC

DEER CAMP® Traveling Café, Michigan (Food Truck)  Beef Jerky Shack LLC

DEER CAMP® Harrison Township, Michigan ( Ice Cream & Cafe)  McDowell Coffee, LLC