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DEER CAMP ® Trophy™ Insulated Beverage Sleeve Can Cooler

DEER CAMP ® Trophy™ Insulated Beverage Sleeve Can Cooler

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DEER CAMP® Trophy™ COOLER COMRADE™ Insulated Beverage Can Holder

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Introducing our versatile Deer Camp Insulated Beverage Sleeve, the ultimate accessory for outdoor enthusiasts across various activities. Whether you're fishing, attending sporting events, camping, hiking, boating, or cycling, this sleeve is designed to keep your beverages cold and refreshing wherever your adventures take you.

Crafted with durable and weather-resistant materials, including rugged fabric and superior insulation, this beverage sleeve ensures that your drinks stay icy cold even in the most demanding outdoor conditions. Whether you're casting lines by the lake, cheering on your favorite team, setting up camp in the wilderness, trekking through scenic trails, or cycling along challenging routes, your beverages will remain chilled and ready to enjoy.

The patented slot on bottom allow for you to carry and attach to your modern latch cooler to carry or attach to your gear, ensuring convenient access to your drink. Whether you prefer a refreshing sip of water, a cold energy drink, or a chilled beverage of your choice, our Deer Camp Insulated Beverage Sleeve has you covered for all your outdoor activities.

Stay hydrated and refreshed throughout your outdoor adventures with our Deer Camp Insulated Beverage Sleeve, the perfect companion for every fishing trip, sporting event, camping excursion, hiking adventure, and cycling journey.

Size:  3.5" x 6.5" 

Fits standard 12 to 16 oz cans, bottled water. 

Made from durable fabric our sleeve that is designed to thermally insulate a beverage container, like a can or bottle.

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